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Neat stuff!

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Hey just want to let you know of a bug, if you haven't seen it yet. Opening the journal in the cemetery seems to cause it, but I'm not certain.

controllers/journal.lua:74: attempt to index global 'ploxel' (a nil value)


controllers/journal.lua:74: in function 'draw'

main.lua:59: in function 'draw'

[C]: in function 'xpcall'"

I've had a ton of fun already with this game though, I'm a big cosmic horror fan and I'm really into your idea here!

[spoilers] another problem I'm having now: sometimes I get to a situation where I can't proceed anywhere in the game. For example, on my latest run through, both tombs were empty, and scouring everywhere I couldn't find a lead on my next location to visit after clearing the harbor, graveyard (ghouls included) and forgotten tomb. I found the summoning spell which referenced the standing stones, but no map to reach them. Please let me know what's going on because I'd really like to keep playing!


(I'm guessing you're the person who expressed the same question over on reddit, but just in case...)

It's possible that there's a bug in the mystery generator that generates a "dead end" mystery, but I've played through the game to the end many, many times, so my impression is that it would be rare occurrence even if there is such a bug. You probably should not be experiencing this multiple times in a row.

More likely, there's just some clue or hook you're missing. Be sure to search all the crypts, read all the books in the library (the "?" icons), talk to all the people, etc. Also, note that some locations may be injected into the list of locations when you find things, so be sure to check and re-check your locations. There are also items that show up in your inventory that might yield clues.


Yes, that's a known bug. The version that is currently up is the "compo" version, which was frozen at the end of the competition for judging. I am working on a new version that will (hopefully!) fix the bugs and introduce more content.