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NEW: A new realm, Realm of Goblyns, is now available! Includes several new enemy types, including new large enemies. The companion web app has been updated to generate new adventures with this realm!

Fable on your Table is a downloadable, print-and-play miniatures game where you take on the role of an adventurer and plunge into a dungeon trying to complete an objective.

Play out the battles with papercraft miniatures you cut out and assemble, guided by the companion web app that procedurally generates the dungeons you explore.  When you complete a quest, you level up.  Level up five times to ascend and win the game!

Version History

  • Core Rules v1.3 - Clarifications to poison. Tweaks to rules for donning and removing armor. Rules for large monsters. Staggering blows. Added rules for "banes" (banes are a generalization of the effect that causes ammunition to be lost, and will likely be used to trigger other effects in future supplements).  Clarifications to the tie-breaking rules.
  • Core Rules v1.2 – Added a missing rule about firing bows with adjacent enemies that was missing from the rules document.
  • Core Rules v1.1 - The original release of the core rule book (v1.0) had a typo in the URL to the companion app that was fixed.
  • Core Rules v1.0 - Initial release for 2020 Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge.
  • Realm of the Wraith v1.1 – Fixed the health value of the wraith being cut off  and moved the healing boon annotation on the skill listing  to the correct die so it matches the description.

  • Companion App v1.1 - Fixes a bug that erroneously doles out less treasure than it should.
  • Sample characters v1.1 - The original sample characters file duplicated the archer's backstory for the barbarian. The backstory for the barbarian was added as a correction.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Fable on your Table Core Rules (version 1.3 PDF) 535 kB
Standard Printable Minis and Scenery v1.0 4 MB
RealmOfTheWraith_v_1_1.pdf 2 MB
Printable Character Sheet v1.0 44 kB
Sample Characters: Archer and Viking v1.1 227 kB

Development log


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Such a great game.

Hi,  Is there a license that your game rules are published under?  Thanks.


The game rules are not licensed under any license for other people to publish with them currently. I didn’t imagine there would be much interest - what are you interested in doing with them?


Hi, I'm loving your games so far (Dungeon Hero and Fable On Your Table) but I got a problem while playing FoYT. I was playing the Inter The Wraith quest and after finding the finger bones relic and giving it to the Devotant, I wanted to go to the Swollen door again to continue my quest (Slay the wraith) but the companion app show me a message "The door ends in a dead end.", but there is no other door here, except the stairs out to end the quest.

I'll consider it a bug, but I can't continue the quest so i'll start an other one instead. 

Thank for all of your greats games 😀


Dang, yeah, that sounds like a bug – sorry about that!  Hopefully I can figure out a way to reproduce it and fix it!  Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

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You're welcome! 

I tried a new quest and finish it, it was my first time on FoYT and loved it! The minis adds a lot to the atmosphere. 

I play with the stamina ruled from Dungeon Hero as you suggested in a previous comment, it was very helpful 🙂

I'm a beginner as a solo TTRPG player and both these games were my first experience! 


Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!


Recently printed this out and it looks fantastic, can't wait to play it for the first time! 

I live in Europe were A4 is the standard rather than letter sized paper. I just wanted to let you know that something weird happens to the text in italics when the rulebook and game sheets are printed out in reduced (A4) size. 

Here's a photo: 

Not sure what is causing it, might it be the resolution of the PDF or the font itself? 

Once again, the game looks awesome and can't wait to try it out!


Huh. That's weird.

Sorry you're experiencing that.  Not sure offhand what's causing it.  I get that it's being slightly resized for A4, but text shouldn't break down that badly, should it?

Were you printing in "draft" mode or something, perhaps?  My printer lets me select a "quality versus speed" setting, and the low-quality-high-speed setting sometimes makes noticeably bad output.  Maybe your printer has a setting that lets you get higher quality scaling?

Failing that, I guess I need to educate myself more about creating print-ready files for different locales!

Anyway, in the mean time, I hope you enjoy the game!  As I mentioned to another poster, I'm going to be working on a version 2 soon because there are a few things I want to improve, rework, or adjust (most notably adding a magic system).  So as you play, be sure to send in your thoughts on how it goes, because now's a good time to be hearing about pain points, confusing rules, balance issues, etc.

Hey there! I just found this game and am really getting into it. It seems like it's been over a year since the last update to this game. Is there any more planned content for this game? I would really love to see some spells added. Thanks! 

I’ve got some updates in the works but I’ve got some other projects going, too. Once I finish Welcome Aboard, Captain, I hope to get back into a 2nd edition of this game. There are a few issues with the 1st edition I want to address, plus magic, but it also would involve updating the app.  And I want to make a mission generator that doesn’t use the app, so there’s a lot of stuff needed for a new edition.

But hearing people want it will help! The game didn’t seem to attract much interest after the competition, but now interest seems to be picking up.  It also helps because then I get more feedback on any pain points, unclear concepts, gross imbalances, etc. which I may have missed in my own testing. Always looking for feedback on how to improve the game!

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That sounds like fantastic news! I've printed FoYT but haven't gotten it on the table yet as I want to paint everything before I do. But having the option to play the game without a digital screen would be totally awesome in my opinion. I usually play boardgames to get away from screens and I cannot wait to start out with this one. I've also been looking at Welcome Aboard, Captain and hope to try that one out as well, even though I do not have a good solution for reading the PDF digitally while playing. 

I hope more people find your games Lone Spelunker. I will spread the word as well as I can!

Well, that's great!  I hope I can wrangle Fable on your Table to be a good second edition.  I might even try to get rid of the companion app altogether and just have a mission generator kind of like the on in Welcome Aboard, Captain.  We'll see; I have some experimentation and thinking to do.

As for playing Welcome Aboard, Captain without a device, the game comes with a link to buy a copy of the book from a print-on-demand service so you can play the core game without a device.  You can't play the pre-written adventures with it (since those are driven with hyperlinks in PDF files), and of course that is an additional cost since there's printing and shipping involved from the printing service, but the procedural mission generator can be used completely free of digital devices that way.  (Indeed, that's how I prefer to use it.  The book is spiral bound, so it lies nice and flat on the table, and it's a nice, compact digest size so it's handy to cart around.  I kinda love it.  You can see it in action in the video about the procedural mission generator.)

And thanks for spreading the word about my games. That certainly helps! Most of my games just kinda sit there with no traction until someone mentions it somewhere and I get a bump, like when the Dungeon Dive made a video about Expedition to Skull Island.  So getting the word out is quite helpful.

Hi! I had a great time cutting out the standups! Very relaxing, and they look great! 

Now that I'm into the game, I do have a few questions: 

1. Is there a way to save the game when you're using the app? 

2. Skeleton Warrior (and others) list their health, but then say +heal5. Does that mean they actually have 10 health? 

This is my first crawler, and I'm really enjoying it! 

Glad you're enjoying the game.

Question 1 : Can you save the game?

Yes, you can, now.  Your comment made me realize the save feature must be broken since it wasn't offering any save restoring.  Version 1 had it, but version 2 seemed to have dropped it, so I just made a fix. It should save your game now as you go, and when you return, it should prompt you to see if you'd like to return to the saved game.

Question 2 : Do skeleton warriors have 10 health?

The way it works is that those dice have "boons" on them, just like your own weapons can have boons.  A "boon" is a special effect on a die that triggers when that die is highest in a 2x2 contest. So, skeletons only have 5 health, but if they roll their Undead die in a contest and it comes out on top, its boon triggers, and it heals five, giving it unholy longevity beyond its mortal frame.

For example, say you are fighting a skeleton warrior.  You hit it for 3 damage.  Now it's health is only 2 because it starts with 5.   Later, you attack it again, and it rolls its Ignore Pain and its Undead dice to defend against your own two attack dice.  All the dice come up 1's except for the Undead die, which comes up a 5.  That means the Skeleton's Undead trait comes out on top as the determining factor of the contest. It receives no damage (because it defended successfully), but on top of that, it gets to apply the boon of its Undead trait - to heals 5.  Since 5 health is also its maximum, that means it heals back up to full health of 5.  The other 2 points of healing are "lost" because it can't go above its maximum.  Not only do you fail to do damage to it, but it has fully recovered from the deadly blow you landed earlier - this thing has unholy resilience against wounds that would fell any mortal!

This sort of effect is true for all the little notes underneath the dice.  For instance, the Skeleton Warrior also has a +1 damage boon on its Pitted Sword die. If it attacks, and that die comes out on top, it will add +1 damage to the normal computed value for damage.  As another example, the Rat Swarm will only give you Rat Bite Fever if that Nasty Bite d4 ends up being highest.  If it hits you with its Swarm die, it won't infect you with the fever because that die doesn't have the boon on it.

Hope this clarifies things!

Saving the game PLUS a thematic style rules clarification by the creator? That's awesome! Thank you so much! Both responses have helped a lot, and I can't wait to get back to the game later today!

 (p.s. Both your videos on game play and assembling the characters were really helpful. Nice work!)


Glad it helped!

Quando você planeja implementar magia nas regras? Você poderia fazer umas lista com as habilidades que os inimigos poderiam ter?  Atualizar as tabelas de equipamentos gerais, armas e armaduras incluindo o custo. 

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Yes. im sorry I was confused. IS there some sort of APP that you need to play this? I dont like app games.  maybe there are print and play tables i can use instead of the app???

To play it solo in the manner intended, yes, you'd need the app.  You can check it out here: Fable on your Table if you are curious as to what it entails.

But you could also use Fable on your Table as a miniatures skirmish system for a TTRPG experience, and make up your own scenarios.  The app is there to enable solo play, but the system itself doesn't rely on the app to work, any more than any other TTRPG combat system does.  For instance, you could write up your own adventures and share them with friends, and it would work perfectly fine.

I can't run the app it's blocked on my devices. Do you have any tables you can send me that generate your adventures?

Sorry, I must have missed this reply.

No, I don't have tables written up for generating adventures in an analog format.

can i play the game with the app??

Not sure what you mean exactly, but you don't need to cut out and assemble all the miniatures and terrain to play the game, if that's what you're asking.  For instance, you could instead use a pencil and some graph paper to track where your hero and your enemies are.  You'd still need the rules document and a character sheet, of course.

If you are asking if you can play the game directly with the app like a video game, then no; it is designed to facilitate the tabletop experience, not be a video game in its own right. There are plenty of roguelike games that do that sort of thing if that's what you're looking for.

Hello, I bought your new realm and still assembling it. I love the design and the app. 

Do you have a co op mode in mind? 

I would love to play this game with 2 players. 

Congratulations for your game

Glad you're enjoying the game!

You're not the first person to contact me about playing with two players, so yes, I have some co-op ideas in mind for the game.  Unfortunately, I don't have anything playtested and ready, but here are some untested, draft rules for playing with two players:

For every two "non-boss" enemies spawned, listed in order on the app, choose one of the following:

*  Double the health of the first enemy OR
*  Spawn another version of the furthest enemy adjacent to the nearest enemy, and drop a coin in its space.

For every "odd man out":

*  Double the health of the enemy and drop a coin in its space.

For every "boss" (any enemy with special rules or which acts as a quest target):

*  Increase the health of the enemy by half again, rounded up, and drop a coin in its space.

Coins represent ancillary treasure that can be picked up if you are adjacent to them as a long action.  They are one bulk and are worth 1 treasure back in town; imagine an appropriate treasure.  At the end of an adventure, divvy up the treasure as you see fit between your heroes who survive.

So, for instance, if you enter a room with the following enemies:

*  A skeleton archer
*  Two skeleton warriors
*  A wight
*  Two gravedigger beetles

...then you would:

*  Pair the skeleton archer with the first skeleton warrior and either double the health of the archer or spawn an extra skeleton with a coin.  (In the latter case, if the archer is closer, then you'll spawn a warrior next to it, and if the warrior is closer, then you'll spawn an archer next to it.)

*  Pair the second skeleton warrior with the first gravedigger beetle (since the wight is a "boss") and either double the health of the warrior or spawn an extra enemy with a coin (if the warrior is closer, spawn a beetle next to it, or if the beetle is closer, spawn a warrior next to it).

*  Since the last gravedigger beetle is "odd man out", double its health and drop a coin.

*  Increase the wight's health by half again, rounded up, and drop a coin there.

If you try playing with these rules, be sure to drop me a line and tell me how it goes. Eventually, I hope to get the option to select a number of heroes in the companion app, and have it generate rooms with appropriate difficulty, but I want to make sure I have the solo difficulty balanced first!

(1 edit)

Thank you for your fast reply. I will try to test is asap and tell you how it was ^^

Okay, I've tried the updated app, and it's definitely much better. In the past I always had to adopt the strategy of B-lining it to the goal, and then heading straight out; no exploration, no treasure hunting. I found it was the only way to survive. 

Now, when I played level d4, I had enough extra HP that I felt I could do a bit of treasure hunting.  Now instead of feeling like I needed to survive against the app, it suddenly became about how much I was willing to risk in order to gain more treasure. The game was now mine to lose, depending on my actions. I feel that's the sweet spot. 

I also managed to beat level d6 for the first time, although I only had 1 HP left after completing the goal, and had to skip any possible treasure hunting on the way out. Also, I had a Mother of Bandi with me, and I definitely wouldn't have made it without her abilities.

Just my usual feedback, feel free to take or leave it.

Cool.  Thanks. Glad to hear it's better.  Sounds like d6 levels might still be a little tough – was it the "standard" enemies that whittled you down, or was it a tough fight in the boss area, or both? (Those need to be balanced in different ways, since the bosses are unique.)

It was the standard enemies that wore me down. The problem is that all it takes to put you in trouble for the game is for you to roll lousy a couple times, and your enemy to roll great.  Add into that the fact that every enemy often gets three attacks, and the likelihood of that scenario happening goes up quite a bit.  And again, there's no reliable way to regain enough HP to counter all that damage. It seems like there are multiple ways to handle it; slightly weaker enemies, more potent (or cheaper) healing potions, fewer enemies, or fewer rooms.

One thing that works pretty well to mitigate that effect in Dungeon Hero, which is based on the mechanics of Fable on Your Table, is to allow the player to spend a point of Stamina to force the re-roll of any die in the contest. You can do this as many times as you need to as long as you can pay for it with Stamina.

Maybe I should add that as a general rule; that would help "even out" those particularly damaging rolls, and add another strategic element - do I burn stamina to boost damage, or should I keep some in reserve in case I suffer a catastrophic roll?

I test this out on my next playthrough.

Cool.  Let me know how it feels.

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to roll out a new release of the web app this weekend that will address some of the difficulty issues on the app end, but that is a good point about health potions and access to healing. I may need to update those rules, too.

Thanks. Did you really do this game in a week? If so, color me super impressed.

Yes, although it was a pretty long week and I had a lot of the mechanics worked out in my head and an art pipeline figured out ahead of that week. But all the content you see from the initial release was drawn / coded during that week. (This new realm I released this week was done more recently.)

Wow. That's quite a feat.  Well done.

Also, let me clarify something.  If I understand what you wrote correctly, I think you might be making critical hits more powerful than they are supposed to be if you're taking 14+ damage from a single zombie attack.  A zombie at maximum can muster 10 damage with a critical hit.

Are you  adding the zombie's dice together, maybe? If so, that is not how it's intended to be played.  You take the highest die, not the sum, to compute the damage.

If there's no critical hit, then you subtract the highest die from the losing side to mitigate the damage.

If it is a crit, there are no dice on the losing side to mitigate the damage, so you subtract zero. The only other thing in play is that a crit allows both of the highest dice to apply their boons. Since zombies have boons on both of their attack dice, it would apply both.

Thus, a zombie which rolls a best-case critical hit of 8:8 would do 10 damage (8 for the highest die, minus zero for the crit, plus 1 for the Ragged Claws boon and 1 more for the Relentless boon). I don't see how it could muster 14+ damage unless you're referring to multiple attacks.

Ah, I think I was misreading the rules. I thought since both boons were counted, that both dice were counted. That's my misunderstanding. Still, a hit of 10 would be pretty severe.

I've updated the description of the tie-breaker rules in the hopes of making it more clear.

And yes, 10 damage is a pretty tough hit, but it's a lot better than 14+!  Also, don't forget abilities that can mitigate damage if you have them. Reducing a 10 to a 9 is a 10% reduction in damage, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The app has been released, which increases the "cost" of buying enemies that the dungeon generator "pays" to populate rooms, so you should also see a reduction in the number and total threat of enemies that you encounter in the dungeon, which should help as well.

Happy adventuring!  I'd be interested to hear how it goes if you delve in with the new app.

Very cool. Thank you for being so responsive. I could, of course, just make new rules, but that kind of feels like cheating.

Bruh. I'm just a level d4! 

*sobbing laughter*

Heh.  The hazards of procedural generation. Maybe I need to revisit the algorithms.

How did you fare against them?

(1 edit)

I'll tell you what I have ended up kitbashing. I have a magical talent for rolling abysmally low for my pc's and oddly high for enemies on a consistent basis. In order to even make it to a d4 objective, I have started using the "Scarlet Heroes" system to read *incoming* damage. Outgoing damage is dealt as written in FOYT. In the event I lose a roll, I interpret the difference like I would a single damage die in SH.  A difference of 1 is negligible; no damage taken. A difference between 2 & 5 results in 1 point of damage. 6 to 9 deals 2 points, and a difference of 10+ deals 4 points of damage. 

I promise it's not your system, it's my luck. Ha ha! Even with incoming damage nerfed so severely, my rolls still resulted in sustaining nearly half my total hp in injuries from a single room using a d10 archery skill and d8 bow. 😂  


Heh.  Yeah, sometimes the dice are against you as much as the RNG is. Glad you're enjoying the game, though! It's perfectly fair to kitbash games to make them fun for yourself - it's one of the nice things about non-digital games.

Question about the interpretation of "lowest die." The weapon ammunition rule states "If this weapon's die is lowest on an attack, cross off an ammunition." Does that mean the lowest of the two active dice or the lowest of all four dice? So for example the archery trait rolls as 5, the bow as 4 and the two opposing dice as 3's. Would I cross off an ammunition because the bow was the lowest active die or retain the ammunition because the both opposing dice are lower?

Thanks in advance!

(1 edit) (+1)

It means the lowest of all dice rolled, not just your dice.  In the example you gave, no, it would not cross off an ammunition because it's not the lowest roll - the lowest roll is a 3.

Note that if there are "doubles" for the lowest, then you would cross it off.  For example, if the rolls were reversed – the opponent rolled a 5 and 4, and you rolled two three's, or if you rolled a 5 archery and 3 bow, and your opponent rolled two threes – then you would lose the ammunition because three is the lowest die roll, and the bow rolled that value.

Also, note that the "lowest die roll" still counts even if there is a tie for highest and dice get removed from consideration for applying effects or generating rerolls.  If you, say, roll two fives, and the opponent rolled a 2 and a 1 and those dice are removed, your bow still didn't roll the "lowest" of all die rolls, even though all that are left are two five's and one of them is your bow; the lowest roll was still a one. (Another way to think of it is that the comparison is made before you remove dice due to matches for highest roll.)

Thank you! This helps a ton! I have another question, if that's alright. Playing as the sample archer in the "desecrate the altar" adventure, my character encountered the locked door before obtaining the key. There is no option in the app to try picking the lock, so I instead rolled a thievery+level check. I had no specifications for the opposing dice and therefore rolled against 2d4 for two reasons: 1.) d4 is the default die chosen when a character doesn't have an applicable trait and 2.) d4 was also my character level at the time. Was that in line with the basic game logic or is there some other way to determine unspecified environment traits? 

I'm loving the game! I think I'll try drawing up an inventory sheet to easily track the placement and bulk of items on the character's person. That was a sticking point for me when playing, but it was negligible.

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, I didn't intend for people to be able to "pick locks", but being able to kitbash things like that is one of the cool parts of the system!

For unspecified environment things, I think I would just go with d8/d8 – a "middle of the road" difficulty.  That's not supported in the rules document currently, so maybe I need to add that as a sort of catch-all.

Edit: Don't forget to assign traits to those for storytelling purposes!  Try d8 Rusty Lock / d8 Noisy Tumblers or something.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game!  I'm hoping to steal some time to extend it beyond the original release sometime soon!


The work put into this is excellent. All the cards and figures look very good and it all work so well - Love it :)



I need a printer... But I def want to try this out. I'll figure something out!


I have a printer at home, but I often use places like OfficeMax / FedEx Office for printing if I have a lot of things to print.  The ones in my area can accept a USB drive with the PDF documents, so they're pretty convenient.  (I haven't used these services to print on card stock, but I'd be surprised if they couldn't accommodate that.)


This look amazing, I'll have to try it. :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Wow thanks for that heads up!  I will fix it.

The document has been fixed.  Thanks

Nice! Gonna remove this comment then as it's now out of date.  I'll let you know how it goes after I assemble my party :)