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Fable on your Table is a downloadable, print-and-play miniatures game where you take on the role of an adventurer and plunge into a dungeon trying to complete an objective.

Play out the battles with papercraft miniatures you cut out and assemble, guided by the companion web app that procedurally generates the dungeons you explore.  When you complete a quest, you level up.  Level up five times to ascend and win the game!

This game was designed for the 2020 Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge,

7DRL Reviewer Notes

A few tweaks have been made to the game since the 7DRL release:

  • Core Rules v1.1 - The original release of the core rule book (v1.0) had a typo in the URL to the companion app that was fixed.
  • Core Rules v1.2 โ€“ Added a missing rule about firing bows with adjacent enemies that was missing from the rules document.
  • Realm of the Wraith v1.1 โ€“ Fixed the health value of the wraith being cut off  and moved the healing boon annotation on the skill listing  to the correct die so it matches the description.
  • The companion web app fixes a bug that erroneously doles out less treasure than it should.
  • The original sample characters file duplicated the archer's backstory for the barbarian. The backstory for the barbarian was added as a correction.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Fable_on_your_Table_Core_Rules_v_1_2.pdf 536 kB
Standard Printable Minis and Scenery v1.0 4 MB
RealmOfTheWraith_v_1_1.pdf 2 MB
Printable Character Sheet v1.0 44 kB
Sample Characters: Archer and Viking v1.1 227 kB

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Bruh. I'm just a level d4! 

*sobbing laughter*

Heh.  The hazards of procedural generation. Maybe I need to revisit the algorithms.

How did you fare against them?

(1 edit)

I'll tell you what I have ended up kitbashing. I have a magical talent for rolling abysmally low for my pc's and oddly high for enemies on a consistent basis. In order to even make it to a d4 objective, I have started using the "Scarlet Heroes" system to read *incoming* damage. Outgoing damage is dealt as written in FOYT. In the event I lose a roll, I interpret the difference like I would a single damage die in SH.  A difference of 1 is negligible; no damage taken. A difference between 2 & 5 results in 1 point of damage. 6 to 9 deals 2 points, and a difference of 10+ deals 4 points of damage. 

I promise it's not your system, it's my luck. Ha ha! Even with incoming damage nerfed so severely, my rolls still resulted in sustaining nearly half my total hp in injuries from a single room using a d10 archery skill and d8 bow. ๐Ÿ˜‚  


Heh.  Yeah, sometimes the dice are against you as much as the RNG is. Glad you're enjoying the game, though! It's perfectly fair to kitbash games to make them fun for yourself - it's one of the nice things about non-digital games.

Question about the interpretation of "lowest die." The weapon ammunition rule states "If this weapon's die is lowest on an attack, cross off an ammunition." Does that mean the lowest of the two active dice or the lowest of all four dice? So for example the archery trait rolls as 5, the bow as 4 and the two opposing dice as 3's. Would I cross off an ammunition because the bow was the lowest active die or retain the ammunition because the both opposing dice are lower?

Thanks in advance!

(1 edit) (+1)

It means the lowest of all dice rolled, not just your dice.  In the example you gave, no, it would not cross off an ammunition because it's not the lowest roll - the lowest roll is a 3.

Note that if there are "doubles" for the lowest, then you would cross it off.  For example, if the rolls were reversed โ€“ the opponent rolled a 5 and 4, and you rolled two three's, or if you rolled a 5 archery and 3 bow, and your opponent rolled two threes โ€“ then you would lose the ammunition because three is the lowest die roll, and the bow rolled that value.

Also, note that the "lowest die roll" still counts even if there is a tie for highest and dice get removed from consideration for applying effects or generating rerolls.  If you, say, roll two fives, and the opponent rolled a 2 and a 1 and those dice are removed, your bow still didn't roll the "lowest" of all die rolls, even though all that are left are two five's and one of them is your bow; the lowest roll was still a one. (Another way to think of it is that the comparison is made before you remove dice due to matches for highest roll.)

Thank you! This helps a ton! I have another question, if that's alright. Playing as the sample archer in the "desecrate the altar" adventure, my character encountered the locked door before obtaining the key. There is no option in the app to try picking the lock, so I instead rolled a thievery+level check. I had no specifications for the opposing dice and therefore rolled against 2d4 for two reasons: 1.) d4 is the default die chosen when a character doesn't have an applicable trait and 2.) d4 was also my character level at the time. Was that in line with the basic game logic or is there some other way to determine unspecified environment traits? 

I'm loving the game! I think I'll try drawing up an inventory sheet to easily track the placement and bulk of items on the character's person. That was a sticking point for me when playing, but it was negligible.

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, I didn't intend for people to be able to "pick locks", but being able to kitbash things like that is one of the cool parts of the system!

For unspecified environment things, I think I would just go with d8/d8 โ€“ a "middle of the road" difficulty.  That's not supported in the rules document currently, so maybe I need to add that as a sort of catch-all.

Edit: Don't forget to assign traits to those for storytelling purposes!  Try d8 Rusty Lock / d8 Noisy Tumblers or something.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game!  I'm hoping to steal some time to extend it beyond the original release sometime soon!


The work put into this is excellent. All the cards and figures look very good and it all work so well - Love it :)



I need a printer... But I def want to try this out. I'll figure something out!


I have a printer at home, but I often use places like OfficeMax / FedEx Office for printing if I have a lot of things to print.  The ones in my area can accept a USB drive with the PDF documents, so they're pretty convenient.  (I haven't used these services to print on card stock, but I'd be surprised if they couldn't accommodate that.)


This look amazing, I'll have to try it. :)

Deleted 157 days ago

Wow thanks for that heads up!  I will fix it.

The document has been fixed.  Thanks

Nice! Gonna remove this comment then as it's now out of date.  I'll let you know how it goes after I assemble my party :)