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Wow, this is so cool! Such a great RPG for the Pico 8! Awesome work as usual!

Glad you liked it!

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Beat it! Fun game, if a little slow in the later combats.  Never found the bow upgrade guy, if there is one.  I thought there would be a secret for sailing across the cave in the frozen north but there wasn't. I also got a bug when returning after getting the orb of the east where it immediately teleported me to that orb's destination and I couldn't re-enter the grove afterwards.  I had just spent all my money on sword upgrades so when I found out that I needed 1k for the ship to progress I thought I would be stuck fighting goblins for ages.  Luckily it fixed it self when I reloaded the game. ( I see in the comments below that someone else had the same problem and you fixed it.  Thanks for not breaking saves!)

There's also a bug where the ghost castle is entirely optional-- the Skull Gate tile is walkable so it doesn't impede progress.

Glad you enjoyed the game!

I just uploaded a fix for the sail-through skull – thanks for bringing that to my attention!

How do I purchase arrows from the fletcher?  the UI offers "0 units for 0" with left-right arrows, but the left and right keys do not change the offer.

You use the left and right arrow keys to increase the amount you are going to buy.  If you can't go above zero, it's probably because either you have no gold to pay for them OR you are already at your maximum carrying capacity for arrows (24).

(Let me know if neither is the case and you're still unable to change the number of arrows in the UI, because then that would be a bug!)

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Got it.  It's because I can't see the "ARR" stat unless I'm wielding a bow when I talk to the fletcher.

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Why is the passage east one-way instead of two-way?  The other passages were two-way, it's taking a long time to farm 1000 coins from just goblins, and it'd take even longer for my armored/shielded/leveled/dextrous character to die and resurrect.

Not sure what you mean by “the passage east,” but I don’t recall putting any one-way passages in the game so it sounds like a bug. If you could clarify which passage you are referring to, I’ll take a look and try to get a new version out.

Thanks!  I mean the passage using the east orb, when I go that way and try to go back it won't take me back to the little grove with the three passages opened by the north/south/east orbs.  So I'm stuck in the eastern area because I can't afford a galleon yet and I can't go back.


Got it.  There indeed was a bug in the gate connections.  I've updated the app with a fix – try it now!

And thanks for bringing this to my attention!  I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about it.


Thanks, it's working now!

A fun diversion that had the feel of an old computer game.  Played on and off on breaks and was able to finish it.  Never did figure out how to improve my bow or dexterity, so I'm thinking I missed a step somewhere.  Thanks!


Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for taking the time to say so.

The bow and dexterity trainers are a little hidden; poke around the towns a bit and see if you can find them!


Great so far. Brings me back to then old days of downloading freeware rpgs like Vampyre: The talisman of invocation.

I'd never heard of that game, so I went and took a look at some videos about it on YouTube.  Yeah, that's the vibe!  The graphics weren't great, but it looks like it had a fair amount of stuff going on in it. Certainly fits in the same vein as the games that inspired Ultimate Odyssey.

My main memory of it was that the game was brutally difficult. The way to get levels early on was to rush into town, kill the jester then run out. Rinse and repeat. I remember doing this for like an hour and then finally I could handle a fight in the wild.

It's always interesting to hear the clever grind hacks people come up with in those old games.

People living in that town were probably like, "Man that adventurer really hates jesters!"