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Pretty cool, almost feels like playing a MUD


I just installed the screen reader NVDA to test this. First it sounded quite awkward until I realized that the voice-settings where set to German language which is not beneficial when reading English text! ;-)

But now I changed it to English and it perfectly works.

I find it exemplary that you enable people with visual disabilities to enjoy your game. Well done!

For people interested I can recommend Roguelike Radio episode 48 about "Designing for the Visually Impaired".

The game mechanics are also quite well-considered. I like how you combine a roguelike with a deck-building game.

Great game. Want to play the next version for sure.

I really like the game so far. I play using NVDA screen reader on Windows, and it work very well. Thanks for creating this cool game.

By the way, is there a key to quit a game once started? Pressing arrow keys move the character, while pressing keys like tab, q, or  keys not used by the game will say "bad key". In the end, I close the browser tab in order to quit.

There is no explicit, built-in key to quit the game.  I assumed that users would either reload the page or simply navigate away or close the browser window when they were done playing, but if there's a convention for quitting browser games from a screen reader context, let me know and I'll see if I can implement it.

Nice!  Thanks for letting me know how it works.  I haven't been able to test it with NVDA - only VoiceOver - so it's good to hear it's working on other screen readers.



Well done, and the mechanics are really interesting.  Thanks for making it and I hope you can get feedback from some differently abled folks to see if you did well on the accessibility front!


Glad you liked the game!

I still haven't heard from anyone who primarily uses a screen reader.  I really hope it works and I'm not overlooking some glaring, obvious problem with the way I approached it!